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With Terilee's creativity, savvy women have come together to create a how-to handbook for the journey. The Business Mom Guide Book: More Life, Less Overwhelm for Mom Entrepreneurs (Wyatt-MacKenzie, SEPT 2006), includes many successful mom entrepreneurs and contributors.

Compiled by Terilee Harrison of TheBusinessMom.com, The Business Mom Guide Book brings together the insights, tips, failures, and successes of mom business owners that are getting it done, that believe being a great mom or a great business owner is no longer a choice. The book takes other business moms behind the curtain and shows them the strategies they've learned about creating success in both arenas.”

“These courageous moms shared their stories - what works for them as they run their businesses - little things they do to try to be the best mom possible - and how they still find time for themselves,” says Harrison. “I use the word “courageous” because all mom entrepreneurs know it's a challenge to raise their family and run a business, but hardly anybody talks about how they get it done.”  

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