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Each of the inspirational cards have original photographs and all quotes are original unless noted. Place them on your desk and each day you can read an inspirational message and gaze at a beautiful picture. Use the cards to motivate or bring a sense of peace.

The inspirational cards make a great gift as well. You have your choice of holders ranging from simple plastic traditional holders to the fancy and multi-functional hand-made tile stand for the same price.

Each set has 20 different cards.

To order the cards via fax/mail - please use This order form

Tile card holder is available $11.95, and holds up to 40 cards (two sets)



Inspiration Cards Set 1 without a card holder: $4.50
Inspiration Cards Set 2 (alone) without a card holder: $4.50
Inspiration Card Set 1 or 2 with tile card holder: $11.95
Inspiration Cards Set 1 and 2 with card holder: $15.50

Inspirational Cards Set 1

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